Business planning
  • Business plan preparation for the commercialisation of innovative products/services
  • Special focus on innovation based projects
  • Business plans for start-up enterprises or already operating enterprises
  • Working in close cooperation with clients, expert consulting on comprehensive issues concerning all fields of enterprise management
  • 50 business plans prepared, mainly with the purpose of venture capital investment, appearence in new markets, introducing a new product, or acquiring a bank loan
Our services
    For start-up enterprises
  • Prepearing for entrepreneurial way of thinking
  • Comprehensive consulting on wording business objectives
  • Analysing inventor and entrepreneurial environment
  • Consulting on possible business models (licencing, establishing a company, introducing product on market, etc.)
  • Aligning clients’ ideas with business plans
    For operating enterprises
  • Placing the innovation into the existing corporate environment
  • Recommendations on the business models to be applied
  • Surveying new or existing market segments
  • Determining the necessary HR, production and service infrastructure and sales capacities
    Main elements of our business plans:
  • Introducing the organisation and the participants
  • Introducing the innovative idea, analysing status of intellectual property rights
  • Hungarian and international market survey
  • Technology benchmarking
  • Intellectual product valuation
  • Presenting possible marketing activities
  • Detailed development of selected business models, recommendations
  • Operational and feasibility analysis of business models, determining investment demands (HR, infrastructure, sales)
  • Presenting financing options
  • Financial calculations (cash-flow, profit and cost plan)
  • Exploring risks and risk management solutions