Cluster development
  • Comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge concerning cluster development and cluster management
  • We are members in one of the most active accredited innovative clusters in Hungary (Pharmapolis Debrecen Innovative Pharmaceutical Cluster)
  • Domestic and international relationships to promote cooperation among clusters
  1. Preparing cluster concept
    In compliance with negotiations with the client, our services include setting the objectives, operational fields and activities of the cluster. We make recommendations on the services to be provided for members and determine the possibilities of joining the cluster.
  2. Developing organisational and operational rules
    Our services include determining the organisational and operational rules of the cluster which contain, as a minimum, the following:
    • operational fields and activities of the cluster,
    • organisational structure of the cluster:
      • cluster management, members of the board, the orders of election, frequency of meetings,
      • the cluster’s management organisation,
    • the rules of accession to and secession from the cluster, possibilities of exclusion, the order of payment of contributions to the cluster,
    • confidentiality obligations, protection of intellectual property,
    • managing documents.
  3. Developing cluster partnerships
    Utilising our extensive relationships, we map domestic and international clusters and organisations relevant from the aspect of the operational field of the cluster and then send the introductory material of the cluster to the target group determined jointly with the cluster. If potentially interested entities appear, we provide help in developing the framework of cooperation and participate in establishing initial contact.
  4. Developing cluster strategy We develop the cluster’s strategy according to the specifications of our client with the following content:
    • internal R&D strategy: exploring R&D&I cooperation opportunities among cluster members, locating funding sources;
    • external R&D strategy: mapping other opportunities of cooperation for cluster members;
    • marketing and utilisation plan: analysing the marketing and utilisation opportunities of products, technologies and services marketed or developed by cluster members;
    • service providing portfolio: developing the services provided by the cluster’s management organisation for cluster members;
    • other issues relevant to the cluster.