Market Analysis
  • 15 years of experience in the field of conducting secondary market surveys
  • Significant primary research references in the B2B sector
  • Experiences gained in multi-country research activities
  • Experience in overcoming linguistic and cultural differences
  • Market research: quantitative and qualitative mapping of the Hungarian or the international market
  • We undertake decision support tasks whether you plan to enter the market, raise capital, sell the company or evaluate intellectual properties
  • We make a proposal for the most cost-efficient method
  • An expert staff is available for compiling questionnaires and implementing in-depth interviews
  • We undertake tasks related to intellectual property rights and novelty search, which we regard as important parts of the innovation process
  • Technology benchmarking is one of our most important market survey tasks and is also an essential part of technology transfer
  • For companies planning to settle in Hungary or the EU we undertake tasks related to market surveys, company or production site search and commercial partners search
  • We undertake an active role in Merger and Acquisition projects on the petrochemical market
  • We undertake primary research taks in the B2B sector at local or international level where the task requires a special approach.