Intellectual property valuation
  • Our own self-developed methodology
  • We handle it as an important part of the technology transfer process
  • Utilising qualitative and quantitative data
  • Intellectual property rights expertise
Our services

During the valuation of the intellectual property, we perform the survey and evaluation of the intellectual property or intellectual property portfolio in order to ensure that it has a real market value interpretable from the aspect of accounting and appears as a competitive and sellable product on the market.

The quantitative valuation is based upon financial calculations considering the market potential and the market characteristics. We perform intellectual property valuation by combining our knowledge and experience in the fields of intellectual property rights, finance and economics and market research.

Intellectual property valuation is an essential tool of any successful technology transfer activity.

    We recommend it to any organisations that
  • plan to sell their intellectual property (either through licensing or by selling the property rights), but do not know its real market value
  • plan to raise capital with a financial investor (business angel, venture capital, private equity)
  • plan to sell their enterprise
  • plan to merge with a third party
  • plan to start a spin-off enterprise with the existing intellectual property as apport
  • plan to purchase or invest in an intellectual property
  • are interested in a real market value of the intellectual property portfolio of their organisation with the objective to determine the value of the organisation
    The service could prove especially useful to the following market players:
  • Innovative enterprises
  • Research institutes, universities, technology transfer offices
  • Government subsidy organisations