Exploitation of research results
  • Increased needs and enhanced focus for exploitation In H2020
  • Special service for finished or currently implemented R&D projects granted by EU or national funds
  • Multi-moduled solutions at different stages in R&D&I project implementation
  • International references with highly renowned companies and research organizations
General services
  1. Training about exploitation possibilities
    • Brainstorming about the exploitation opportunities of the project result, risks and potential obstacles. The goal of the training is to increase the exploitation attitude of the partners, discuss their earlier experiences and create new ideas connected to the commercialization of the partner’s results.
  2. Exploitation plan
    • Document about exploiting partners’ results including SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, price determination, solutions for funding requirements and coaching on how to present the business idea successfully.
  3. Exploitation strategy
    • This document entails the exploitation plan with more details and further parts including suggested role identification of the product, risk analysis, marketing research, pricing strategies, and promotion opportunities.
  4. Project risk analysis
    • Identification of risks and potential obstacles to implement and exploit the project successfully in the future. The main functions are assessment and identification of the results that the partners are willing to exploit, the forms that the exploitation of these results may take and the conditions needed to enable exploitation.
  5. Assistance for patenting
    • We hold trainings about Intellectual Property rights (patent, trade mark, copyright, design) by discussing the certain product to create a tailored report and action plan with recommendations and suggestions.
  6. Intellectual Property Valuation
    • During the valuation of an intellectual product, we perform a survey connected to the IP and then present an intellectual product portfolio. The quantitative value determination is based upon financial calculations that primarily take into consideration the potential of the given market.
  7. Investor presentation
    • Help project partners to prepare key information needed in any presentation which will be presented to an equity investor and discussion about possible questions an investor will ask during the presentation session. Besides an innovative technology, strong business concept, and powerful plan, partners must be fully aware of their investment opportunities as well.
  8. Partner search
    • Seeking distributors, export and import partners and research service mediation: through our worldwide partnership network, we can ensure that we locate the business partner fulfilling the demands of our client, whether the partner seeking takes place through an investment or a commercial purpose. We also undertake the mediation of partners performing research and testing activities.
    • We participate at TT events, professional events, professional fairs and partnership seeking events which are closely tied to partner seeking services where we represent the given projects, technologies and enter into negotiations with potential investors.
  9. Technology benchmarking
    • Technology benchmarking involves the examination of the current situation of the given product, technology, or service that includes the examination of the current development state and further development needs and opportunities. After that we provide technology benchmarking and competitor analysis services where we map similar products, technologies and services available in the world.
  10. Project management
    • The management aspect, support of research and development and innovation projects, is a highlighted element of our company’s service portfolio. Special project management requirements of R&D&I projects were handled professionally with the help of our professional skills and experiences.
  11. Additional services and assistances
    • Support in other exploitation related activities (assistance to the project meetings, feasibility studies etc.)
Special services
  1. Exploitation for consortiums with Horizon 2020 projects:
    • Project management
    • Dissemination
    • Exploitation plan
    • Ownership/Access rights
    • Intellectual Property Valuation (IPV)
    • Intellectual Property vs. Publication analysis
    • Patenting strategy