Writing project proposals
  • More than just writing project proposals
  • We regard public calls as a funding tool for the innovation process
  • Complex consulting for our clients
  • Over 20 years of experience in the field of project development
  • Extensive business network for building Hungarian and international consortiums
Our services
  1. Exploring demands: getting acquainted with the innovation idea, prequalification of the possible applicant or applicants, recommendations on any necessary organisational or other structural changes.
  2. Recommendation on sources: providing comprehensive information on possible public funds, their advantages and general characteristics, decision support. Targeted monitoring and notifications on new public calls.
  3. Participation in aligning project ideas to fit requirements : preliminary calculation according to the public evaluation system, recommendations of professional and financial amendments to the R&D&I project to ensure the best alignment, if necessary, seeking partners, participation in consortium building.
  4. Outlining the strategic directions for the R&D&I result: exploring commercialisation opportunities following the successful closure of the project (own utilisation, establishing spin-off company, technology transfer).
  5. Drawing up the development project: completing and submitting the document by the deadline in compliance with the content and formal requirements of the project proposal, in continuous cooperation with the partner company.
  6. Implementing the necessary remedying of deficiencies.
  7. Providing expert support for entering into the subsidy contract.
  8. Providing project management services upon request.