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Dr. Péter Mogyorósi

Dr. Péter Mogyorósi has a degree of PhD in Physics from JATE University, Szeged (Hungary, 1986). He was a researcher in various European universities (JATE, Szeged; JHKU, Linz; Uppsala University) from 1984-1992. His research area was: Laser-induced micro-fabrication of solid surfaces. He published 25 scientific papers and received the Young Scientist Award of European Material Society in 1988.
He has extensive practical experience in innovation management, research-industry co-operations, technology transfer and project development for international clients based on 25+ years’ work experience. He has participated as guest lecturer in many trainings and seminars on innovation management, commercialization and exploitation. In addition he holds presentations and speeches at different national and international events (conferences, seminars, workshops). He is author of some 25 international scientific publications and 6 further publications in the field of innovation management.
He has been the CEO of LC Innoconsult since 1992. Dr. Péter Mogyorósi has gained the experience in the field of exploitation of project results through contribution in the implementation of 60+ FP7 and H2020 projects, in which he has been a member of the expert team. Recently he has been exploitation team leader of 6 big consortium projects of H2020.
He has significant experience on the field of coaching as well, since he provided coaching service for 15 H2020 SME Instrument beneficiaries, for 5 selected start-up companies in 2014 in the framework of PROFIS Project and 100+ companies in North Macedonia.
During the last 25+ years he has been working as an external consultant on many projects for the European Union, NATO and the United Nations (UNIDO, UN ESCAP) and World Bank.
His expertise covers mainly commercialization of R&D results, strategic planning, negotiations, establishment of new co-operations, business development. He has experience in Europe (special experience in West-Balkan) and in the Far-East (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore).

E-mail: mogyorosi.peter@lcinnoconsult.com
Tel.: +36 30 978 4215
Senior expert
E-mail: peter.ruzicska@lcinnoconsult.com

Dr. Péter Ruzicska

Dr. Péter RUZICSKA has a degree of M. Sc. and a PhD in Biology from Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest (Hungary). He started his carrier in plant molecular biology research in the Biological Research Centre of the HAS and continued with research and teaching first at Szentgyörgyi Albert Medical University of Szeged, later at the George Washington University in Washington DC. USA. On returning Hungary he started his own business ventures and became the president of the Regional Information Technology Centre Rt. He has extensive practical experience in company management, business planning, marketing management, industry cooperation, and coaching and training to CEO-s. He managed a Phare project in which a two-seater experimental airplane was built and successfully commercialized. After retirement he joined the team of LC Innoconsult, since his expertise in strategic planning, business development, financial management, and coaching fits right in the company tasks.

Katarína Nagyová

MSc. Katarína Nagyová has a degree of M.Sc. in Biology at University of Szeged, Hungary. She spent 3 years in research in the field of biophysics. In 2009 she started to work as innovation manager, later she became the Managing Director of Szeged-Biopolisz Innovation Services Ltd, which company was established to manage and commercialize the IP portfolio of the University of Szeged. She started to work at LC Innoconsult in 2012 where she is responsible for consultancy on IP rights, commercialization strategies, and technology transfer. She prepared 40 exploitation related workshops for FP7 and H2020 projects. She was involved in two successfully closed H2020 project and is already involved in three ongoing projects as an exploitation and IPR expert.

Exploitation, Innovation & IPR manager
E-mail: nagyova.katarina@lcinnoconsult.com
Tel.: +36 30 450 0041
Innovation manager
E-mail: muranyi.akos@lcinnoconsult.com

Ákos Murányi

Ákos Murányi has a Bachelor degree of Commerce and Marketing in University of Szeged. From 2016 he is a member of LC Innoconsult. He has a background in Technology transfer, innovation management and exploitation. He participated on a technology brokerage event to represent several Hungarian and foreign innovative companies in Singapore Techinnovation expo. He has experience in IP valuation, market research. From 2018 he has been deeply involved in 5 H2020 projects as an exploitation and knowledge management consultant representing LC Innoconsult. From 2020 he is participating in Horizon Results Booster as a Junior expert giving innovation management consultancy services to help closing the gap between research and business.

Balázs Mogyorósi

Balázs Mogyorósi has a Bachelor degree of Engineering Management from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He is the member of LC Innoconsult since 2017. He has a background in Project Management, Innovation Management and Technology Transfer. He participated on several technology brokerage event to represent multiple Hungarian and foreign innovative technologies in Brazil, Singapore and China. From July 2020 he is the company’s internal Project Manager for the Horizon Results Booster service. He also participates as a Junior Expert giving innovation management consultancy services to help H2020 projects exploit their results to be ready to market with their ideas.

Project manager & Technology transfer consultant
E-mail: mogyorosi.balazs@lcinnoconsult.com
Tel.: +36 30 393 8885
E-mail: kiri.marietta@lcinnoconsult.com

Marietta Csábi-Kiri

Marietta Csábi-Kiri has a degree of MSc in Economics at the University of Szeged. In 2009 she started to work as project manager at Szeged-Biopolisz Innovation Services Ltd, which company was established to manage and commercialize the IP portfolio of the University of Szeged. She wrote tenders, cost-benefit analyses, patent and technology valuations; and planned and implemented projects. From 2011 to 2017 she worked at a public capital investor company, Dél-Alföldi Regional Co., where she was responsible for applying, implementing tenders and giving complex advisory service for customers to contribute to effective project implementation. At Szeged Center of Vocational Training she managed Hungarian European tenders, mainly GINOP projects. 

Evelin Balogh-Hajma

Office manager
E-mail: office@lcinnoconsult.com
Tel.: +36 30 948 0711