Technology transfer

Representing intellectual properties:

Technology offers

Licencing out:

During the commercialisation process we mediate between the market and the researcher-developer. We help in determining what the technology is worth on the market, where it could be sold and who to approach with it. After getting acquainted with the research results, the dissemination activity starts. Within the framework, we summarise the research results in the form of a technology offer (TO) and then register it in international databases, represent it at international events and hold meetings with potential business and industrial partners and also provide targeted partner seeking services.

Licencing in:

Our services include registering the technology requests (TR) arriving from the various organisations. Through the relationship network with research and development organisations and our access to technological databases, we seek out research groups adequate for satisfying the request and mediate the technology request to them. If there is a match between the technological demand and the research capacity supply, we provide expert assistance in establishing cooperational relations between the interested parties

Seeking partners:

Seeking distributors, export and import partners and research service mediation: through our worldwide partnership network, we can ensure that we locate the business partner fulfilling the demands of our client, whether the partner seeking takes place with an investment or a commercial purpose. We also undertake the mediation of partners performing research and testing activities.

TT events:

Participation at professional events, professional fairs and partnership seeking events is closely tied to partner seeking services where we represent the given projects, technologies and enter into negotiations with potential investors.

Technology benchmarking:

As the first step, we examine the current market situation of the given product, technology, or service. This includes the examination of the current development state and further development needs and opportunities. As a next step we provide technology benchmarking and competitor analysis services where we map similar products, technologies and services available; we present their characteristic traits and examine their advantages and disadvantages compared to the examined product, technology or service.

Consulting related to industrial property rights:

We can provide help by means of our services in answering questions related to what form of property rights and in which countries is it best to protect a newly developed product or technology; what the course of the procedure is and what costs that may entail; whether the created technology or other intellectual creation fulfils property right criteria; is the given technology that has been or is to be created really a novelty, and to what extent may the introduction of a new product infringe the rights of others due to patents or other industrial property rights on the given target market. Our services are in line with the phases of R&D product development.